Introduction to Purkiss Printing

I started this blog to share my adventures while introducing my start-up company: “Purkiss Printing”.

Purkiss Printing is a business-to-business cloths printing company within the US.  The core business will be facilitating digital textile printing on cotton shirts for large, medium, & small companies.

Digital Textile Printing (DTG) is commonly known as direct to garment printing, which is the process of printing directly onto garments and textiles using inkjet technology. We specialize in products designed for textile printing in bulk production and in some cases, sampling. We do this using an ink-jet printer onto fabric sheets with paper backing that is removable.  We use disperse-direct ink for polyester and acid ink for silks and nylons. For linen and cottons, we use reactive ink. We use these various forms of ink on the specific materials for single, mid run, and in some cases, long run productions.

I’m sure that’s more than you’d ever want to know, so an easier way of explaining what we offer is to look at a sample company that could potentially use our printing, such as liveurstory. They sell children’s clothing direct to consumer which offers custom printed slogans that would be printed by a company similar to mine.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, I’m Steve Purkiss and I’d like to welcome you to my personal blog.

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